UV Light For Vitamin D Deficiency

Warrenton Wellness
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Warrenton Wellness is an authorized Blu Room site. The unique environment in the Blu Room uses light, sound and frequency to relax you and allows for your mind to let the noise of the day slip away.
Warrenton Wellness is a blue light therapy clinic that presents a novel way of stress and anxiety lessening experience for our valued customers. Our skilled employees are qualified to handle the latest technology available to attain maximum customer satisfaction. We have a patented technology that resuscitates tranquility in the atmosphere and protects the viewer from the overall, daily setting.

Our ‘Blu Room’ technology presents the viewer with a soul-lifting atmosphere that can enlarge and advance a person’s state of imaginative meditation. Blu Room is not a beautifying, tanning device, nor is it a medical service. Nevertheless, it has been able to deduce the increase and facilitate the overall healing procedure in specific individuals.
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