Iron Maiden Rocks The Hair Scene!

Iron Maiden Rocks The Hair Scene!


What is the deal with all the different hair irons you hear about? You know about curling irons, you’ve also heard of crimping irons, flat irons, wands, and spiraling irons. Find out what the differences are and whether there is an appropriate tool for your individual style.


Curling Irons: available in wide medium and small barreled widths, curling irons are perfect for spot-styling. You can create all-over curls in the sizes of your choice, or just a spiral or two where needed. Curling irons can be used on any hair length and texture with excellent results. Check you to see you to create a all-over big curls or even smaller ones.


Crimping Irons: This kind of iron opens to reveal a ridged plate. To use it you place a thin, narrow section of hair in the iron, move the tool slowly down the length of your hair strands for a symmetrical wavy look.


Flat Irons: This tool works to straighten and smooth your hair. It works on the same principle as a crimping iron, except the metal plates are flat. Us a flat iron to get that stick-straight style like Kim Kardashian is so famous for on the red carpet.


Wands: Wands are a curling iron that has no clip to grab the hair. The job of this iron is to create a curl that is falling out look- Like the Beach waves. The wrap a small section leaving an inch or two out. ( a glove is recommended so as not burn your fingers here.)


Spiral Irons: Similar to a curling Iron, but with a metal ridge that runs around the barrel in a spiraling fashion. Wrap thin, narrow sections of your hair around the barrel, and slowly release it for long, twisting curls. Use it to create twirling tendrils on straight hairdos.

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